Hebridean Hogget…

…an ancient breed for modern tables.

Locally sourced, locally butchered. That’s what it’s all about!

There are many reasons to choose Hebridean hogget (less than two years old) or mutton (over 2 years old): slow grown on grass and native brush, the breed itself is leaner, healthier, and more flavorful than many commercial breeds, and as it’s not mass-marketed, provenance is easy to establish. Whenever you purchase Hebridean hogget or mutton, you are most likely supporting a small family business like our own, and if you purchase Hirsel Hogget, you’ll also know that the animal you buy has been given excellent care and much affection during its entire journey from the womb to the abattoir.

We don’t sell the animals meant for your table at auction – in order to minimize stress in their final hours, and lower your food miles, they go straight from our farm to our local abattoir in Dingwall, a short journey away. From there, they are sent directly to a local butcher, where your pre-ordered half or whole box will butchered for you.

Box menus and a’ la carte options are being designed now, and 2020 hogget and mutton pre-ordering will begin in late August, for deliveries in late September. Please contact us if you’d like more information about purchasing this healthy, locally sourced meat for your table, or to place yourself on our early notice list.

Highland Butcher
A happy customer, ready to DIY-butcher his 2018 hogget.

Supplies are always limited for this seasonal product; to place your name on the early alert list for 2020 Hebridean Hogget or Mutton, please send an email directly to info@thehirsel.com.

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