528516-00001 (Cairnmorrie Aidan) Sire: Slipperfield Donald, Dam: Bryland Elephant [Hirsel working tup, not for Sale]

Live Sales – 2017 Shearling Rams, 2018 Ram Lambs

Our 2018 sale of rams and ewes is now finished. Next summer, we will be sorting our ram lambs, and choosing the best for sale as breeders. We will also bring Hirsel Bowen home from his rental assignment this winter, and he will be available for rental next year as well. For more information about any of our hebrideans, including history, more pictures, or to meet any of our sheep for future reference, please do not hesitate to email or call Donna at info@thehirsel.com / 0798.566.1682.


510466-00029 (Hirsel Bowen) / b. 02.04.2017 / S: Slipperfield Donald / D: Bryland Eliza / HSS registered / weight 21.08.2018: 45kg [On assignment 17.11.18 – 17.12.18]