528516-00001 (Cairnmorrie Aidan) Sire: Slipperfield Donald, Dam: Bryland Elephant [Hirsel working tup, not for Sale]

Live Sales – 2017 Shearling Rams, 2018 Ram Lambs


The 6 shearling rams pictured below are currently for sale at £60 each. Ram lambs will be available after mid-September.  For more information about any of our hebrideans, including history, more pictures, or to schedule a viewing, please do not hesitate to email or call Donna at info@thehirsel.com / 0798.566.1682.


510466-00029 (Hirsel Bowen) / b. 02.04.2017 / S: Slipperfield Donald / D: Bryland Eliza / HSS registered / weight 02.06.2018: 42.5Kg, weight 21.08.2018: 45kg [This ram has been reserved for RENTAL]


510466-00032 / b. 17.04.2017 / S: Slipperfield Donald / D: Brownie / Weight 02.06.2018: 31Kg, weight 21.08.2018: 38kg



510466-00034 – b. 6 apr 2017 Sire: Slipperfield Donald, Dam: Beauty / Weight 24.09.2018 45kg


510466-00036 / b 17.04.2017 / S: Slipperfield Donald / D: Brownie Weight 02.06.2018: 36kg, weight 21.08.2018: 42.kg



510466-00047 / b. 05.04.2018 / S: Cairnorrie Aidan / D: Hookie / weight 02.06.2018: 39Kg, weight 21.08.2019: 45kg


510466-00048 (Hirsel Buddy) / b. 22.07.2017* / S: Slipperfield Donald / D: Hirsel Eostre / weight 02.06.2018: 26.5Kg, weight 21.08.2018: 33kg / Proven*

* Buddy was a surprise birth in July, 2017: we hadn’t tupped his gimmer dam Eostre with the breeding ewes in November 2016, but a fence was no challenge to Slipperfield Donald one night the following February. In July, 3 months after the expected lambs were born, we found a healthy 2-day old Buddy by his mum’s side in the north grazing fields. As he was 3 months younger than the rest of the males, he was left with his mum a bit longer…but seems to have followed in his sire’s footsteps in his surreptitious love for the ladies, and his chosen mate had a healthy male lamb this spring (2018). Buddy is aptly named, as he is a friendly wee fellow, and although his size and weight are – as of August 2018 – still 3 months behind his fellows, he will certainly be ready for the ladies again by the next tupping cycle.