GOS for your table or for breeding

“The Gloucestershire Old Spots was the first breed of any species in the world to be accorded Traditional Speciality Guaranteed status by the EU Commission in recognition of the special qualities of its meat.” -(RBST)

Our boar Basil, and his mates Ginger and Saffron, live a natural life outside. They have arcs to sleep in, but in summer we’ll often find them sleeping under the Scots Pines, or nestled in under the gorse. We feed them twice a day, and they supplement their diet by doing what they do best, rooting around the field, and acting as four-legged ploughs. They mate at their own pace, so we do not always have piglets on the farm. If you’d like to be notified when we have weaners or pork available, subscribe to our blog on this website, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

Sisters Saffron and Ginger enjoying belly rubs from Farmer Gillies.

Please note: we do not currently have any weaners/pigs for sale.

For breeding or for your kitchen. Our piglets stay with their mums for 8 weeks before weaning. At that time, we’ll have a limited number that can move to your fields, to join your herd, or to raise for your kitchen. Minimum purchase will be a pair, for animal welfare reasons, as pigs need companionship. Exceptions may be made if the animal will be joining an existing herd, and you have an integration plan. You must have a CPH# and proper containment to purchase our animals. If you have not raised weaners before, we will be happy to support you as you go.

Ready for the abattoir
Reserve your weaner at birth or weaning, and we’ll raise it to six months of age, and take it to the Dingwall abattoir for you. From there, it will go to a local butcher where you’ll be able to pick it up ready for your kitchen. Prices (tba) will be per kilo, plus abattoir and butchery costs. Shipping may be available.

A la carte
We supply a few local butchers with our pork, depending on their needs at the time our weaners leave the farm. We also sell direct from the farm.

Last meal: a few of our weaners enjoying a last bit of fresh digging, the night before they move on. October 2020

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