The Fleise Hoose

The Fleise Hoose (Fleece House) is a project exploring the feasibility of building a wool processing facility at The Hirsel, to service small (especially coloured) flocks. Washing and Carding/Combing fleeces, to begin with.

We are very much at the beginning: researching our community’s need and desire for such a service, technical requirements, company structure, and funding sources – the whole shebang. We do know that if we continue down this path, the Fleise Hoose will be created as a separate company – a Community Interest Company (CIC) – from The Hirsel partnership. Membership structure is yet to be determined, but we envision the involvement of, and benefit to, small flock owners and wool-working artisans, across Scotland.

We welcome your interest and input – this project will only succeed if it is seen as necessary to, and receives the involvement of, Scotland’s shepherding and artisan communities.

If you would like to be involved at any level, or would like to tell us what you would need from such a project, please contact us via, until we can set up a dedicated email address.

Thank you,

Donna and Donald Gillies

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