2018 Live Sales, Ewes

We’ve reached another milestone at the Hirsel: our flock has reached the size where we must start letting go of some of our ewes as they get to breeding stage. This year, we have 9 gimmers on offer, all born in spring 2017. Four of them are HSS registered. All of them are sired by HSS registered Slipperfield Donald (564719-00077).


564719-00077 (Slipperfield Donald) / b. 07.04.2013 / S: Skipwith Portree / D: Slipperfield Bella/ Weight: 68+Kg [Working Tup, not for sale]

Sire and dams are on the farm, available for viewing. These gimmers are available for sale in pairs, as they will better adapt to a new flock if they have a companion from their old flock with them. The cost is £60 each, with a discount for 4 or more.

We also have a limited number of registered ewe lambs available at £30/life. They are available for viewing and/or reserving anytime, but will be kept with their dams until the third week of September.

Call or email to schedule a viewing: info@thehirsel.com / 0798.566.1682.

Thank you!





Berta (510466-00023) Dam: Ninny / Weight 31.05.2018: 29kg / Weight 29.08.2018: 38k / noted for her beauty during recent shearing. (this sheep is SOLD)


Brighid (510466-00024) HSS registered / Dam: Bryland Elephant / Weight 29.08.2018: 39kg


Close up of Brighid’s fleece, showing the beautiful red tints appearing in some of our lines.


Brina (510466-00025) Dam: Tamara / Weight 29.08.2018: 36kg / noted for her calm personality during shearing


Bethan (510466-00035) Dam: Beauty / Weight 29.08.2018: 36kg


Beatha (510466-00030)  Dam: Ninny / Weight 29.08.2018: 42.5kg


The lively Brittany (510466-00038) Dam: Queenie / Weight 29.08.2018: 36kg


Branwen (510466-00041) HSS registered / Dam: Byland Ebony / Weight 31.05.2018: 33kg / Weight 29.08.2018: 39k / (this sheep is SOLD.)


Bridie (510466-00042) HSS registered / Dam: Bryland Earraid / Weight 29.08.2018: 38kg


.Breeda (510466-00043) HSS registered / Dam: Byland Earraid / Weight 29.08.2018: 38.5Kg