2018 Live Sales, Ewes

We’ve reached another milestone at the Hirsel: our flock has reached the size where we must start letting go of some of our ewes as they get to breeding stage. This year, we had 9 gimmers on offer, all born in spring 2017. Four of them were HSS registered. All of them are sired by HSS registered Slipperfield Donald (564719-00077). Three of our gimmers were sold direct, and the other 6, as well as 8 ewe lambs, sold well at the Dingwall livestock auction on 10 November.

2018 Sales are now closed.

Next summer, we will be sorting our females again, and deciding which ones will be sold on. If you are interested in reserving a pair or more, and want information about availability and bloodlines, please get in touch. Scheduled viewings are possible.

Please note: the photos shown below are for reference only. All gimmers shown have been sold.

Call or email: info@thehirsel.com / 0798.566.1682.

Thank you!



Berta (510466-00023) Dam: Ninny / Weight 31.05.2018: 29kg / Weight 29.08.2018: 38k / noted for her beauty during recent shearing.


Brighid (510466-00024) HSS registered / Dam: Bryland Elephant / Weight 29.08.2018: 39kg


Close up of Brighid’s fleece, showing the beautiful red tints appearing in some of our lines.


Brina (510466-00025) Dam: Tamara / Weight 29.08.2018: 36kg / noted for her calm personality during shearing


Bethan (510466-00035) Dam: Beauty / Weight 29.08.2018: 36kg


Beatha (510466-00030)  Dam: Ninny / Weight 29.08.2018: 42.5kg


The lively Brittany (510466-00038) Dam: Queenie / Weight 29.08.2018: 36kg


Branwen (510466-00041) HSS registered / Dam: Byland Ebony / Weight 31.05.2018: 33kg / Weight 29.08.2018: 39k / (this sheep is SOLD.)


Bridie (510466-00042) HSS registered / Dam: Bryland Earraid / Weight 29.08.2018: 38kg


.Breeda (510466-00043) HSS registered / Dam: Byland Earraid / Weight 29.08.2018: 38.5Kg