Hebridean Mutton…

In the far north of Scotland, nutritious roasts and stews, chops and soups are always welcome – no matter the time of year. Food that fills you up and keeps you going through all the seasons. At the Hirsel, we have a wide selection for you and your family, made from our own native breed Hebrideans.

Our Selection

Our current inventory of Hebridean Mutton is cut for us by our local butchers at Ardgay Game, and includes the following cuts (all weights are approximate, all cuts are pre-frozen):

  • Rolled boneless Shoulder (1.7kg): £12.00/kg
  • Leg on the bone ( 1.6kg): £13.00/kg
  • Double loin chops (4-pack, approx .32kg):£11.50/kg
  • Racks (.35kg): £12.50/kg
  • Flank (.65kg) or Shank on the bone (.25kg): £6.50/kg

Pick up or Delivery?

  • Farm gate pickups of frozen orders are by appointment. Returning customers can pay cash upon pick up, or via bacs; new customers are asked to pay cash.
  • Delivery is possible for orders over £30.00 to local areas only (Bonar Bridge & Ardgay). Delivery costs are £5.00 for orders under $40.00, and free for orders over $40.00. Delivery days and routes tba. Please ask about our free local delivery to seniors and those who cannot travel due to health issues. We ask that all delivery orders are paid in advance, or by cash upon delivery.
Locally sourced, locally butchered. That’s what it’s all about!

There are many reasons to choose Hebridean hogget (less than two years old) or mutton (over 2 years old): slow grown on grass and native brush, and supplemented with hay and tree fodder in the winter, the breed itself is leaner, healthier, and more flavorful than many commercial breeds, and as it’s not mass-marketed, provenance is easy to establish. Additionally, with the increasing awareness of how our food choices affect our planet, you can be sure that, by choosing to purchase Hebridean meat raised on a Nature-Friendly farm, and processed locally in Scotland, you are doing your part to shop ethically and sustainably.

Highland Butcher
A happy customer, ready to DIY-butcher his 2018 hogget.

We don’t sell the animals meant for your table at auction – in order to minimize stress in their final days, and lower your food miles, our animals never leave the Highlands: they go straight from our farm to our local abattoir in Dingwall. From there, they are sent directly to Macbeth’s in Forres, or to Ardgay Game, where your pre-ordered half or whole box will be butchered for you, or our single cuts will be prepared. These businesses care as much about animal welfare and environmental issues as we do, and offer an excellent service for high welfare meat products.

Supplies are always limited for this seasonal product; to order your Hogget, or to place your name on the early alert list for the next batch of Hogget or Mutton, please send an email directly to Donna: info@thehirsel.com.

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