Farm & Construction Services

In April 2019, as part of an effort to consolidate our businesses, Donald Gillies will cease operating as a sole trader under the Cadgelift name, and bring his construction and consulting work in under the Hirsel Enterprises umbrella. Beyond administrative reasons, this will help focus our efforts, and allow us to treat (almost) all of our work as an integrated whole. And with Cadgelift’s business entering our diversification portfolio, it will give a much needed boost to the health and stability of the farm business.

A little about Donald Gillies/Cadgelift:

Donald has worked in the construction, haulage and heavy plant service for over 30 years. He has a wide experience in all aspects of material movement and lifting, driving and operating heavy haulage as an HGV 1 Driver, cargo handling equipment, crane operations involving heavy lift planning and supervision in oil industry rig inspection, repair and maintenance work, and construction/plant assembly.
Prior to starting Cadgelift, he worked for two of the largest and most respected crane hire companies in the Scottish Highlands as an Appointed Person, Base/Depot Manager, and Crane Supervisor.
Additionally he has recently been involved in the lift planning and equipment installation of a major local Carbon Neutral generating facility.
Donald is widely known for his “Can Do” attitude to all aspects of his work and prides himself on accuracy and attention to detail.

Currently, Donald’s primary client is Keynvor Morlift, a UK based marine contracting firm, for whom he consults and designs on Heavy Lift operations. In addition, when he is not busy in our own fields, his wealth of experience and ability to operate a range of construction and farm equipment is put to good use on small farms across the Sutherland region.

This page will be updated soon. In the meantime, you can read more about Donald Gillies/Cadgelift, and read about his experience and recommendations at Or contact him directly at +44(0)7810875147 /

`Donald, laying in a new fence along the edge of the Hirsel’s wetlands.