Hirsel Hebridean Rugs


Add a touch of classic style to any room in the house! Photo credit: Elizabeth Banks, who purchased rugs #2 and #5.

At the Hirsel, we try to honor the lives our sheep give us, by using every bit we can of them, when they must go to the abbatoir. Wool, meat, skins, horns… These limited edition rugs are made from sheep that were shorn in June of 2017, approximately 5 months before they were sent to the abattoir. This means the staple (length of wool strands) is shorter than you might expect if you have had a sheepskin rug before. This, and the fact that they are double coated Hebrideans, gives the rug more of a ‘bear’ than a ‘lamb’ aspect – thick and fluffy – reflecting the rugged nature of this breed. Upon receipt from the processors (Skyeskins), they were given a rough combing with fingers and a wide-toothed comb to bring the nap up and take advantage of this quality. When your rug is delivered to you, you can freshen the nap by finger-combing the wool. Also, you may find small bits of waxy substance (lanolin) that the processing missed: this, and some small amount of grass seed, is normal with natural products such as this. The high amount of lanolin and thick wool of your Hebridean rug will ensure that it offers comfy pleasure for many years.

There is just one rug left available from the Hirsel’s 2017 batch: rug #6, shown out of sequence at the top of the list of photos below. All others have been sold, but we’ve left the photos on this page, so you can see the selection available from our flock. Our 2018 batch should be available before the winter holidays.

All measurements are approximate: length is taken down the centre of the rug, width is taken at the belly. Rugs weigh +/- 3lbs.



Rug #6 is a dark charcoal grey, with hints of latte patches. It’s been hand trimmed to an even nap all around. 41″ x 22″ £80.00


All rugs shown below have been sold.


#1 [SOLD] A deep chocolate brown with hints of charcoal. 40” x 23”


#2 [SOLD] Dark charcoal with lighter grey shading. 40” x 23”


#3 [SOLD] Deep brown/black with hints of grey and brown. Very fluffy. 42” x 24”


#4 [SOLD} True black with brown touches. 39” x 26”


#5: [SOLD] Charcoal black with grey touches. 38” x 24”


For more information about how these sheepskins were processed and turned into beautiful rugs, or for wash/care instructions, visit https://www.skyeskyns.co.uk/