Hirsel Hebridean Rugs


Add a touch of classic style to any room in the house! Photo credit: Elizabeth Banks

Our Hebrideans are a double coated breed: their fine under-wool is overlaid by longer wool, making the resultant pelt quite dense, giving our eventual rugs more of a ‘bear’ than a ‘lamb’ aspect, reflecting the rugged nature of this breed. Upon receipt from the processors, the rugs are inspected and given a rough combing with fingers and a wide-toothed comb to bring the nap up and take advantage of this quality. When your rug is delivered to you, you can freshen the nap by finger-combing the wool. Also, you may find small bits of waxy substance (lanolin) that the processing missed: this, and some small amount of grass seed, is normal with natural products such as this. The high amount of lanolin and thick wool of your Hebridean rug will ensure that it offers comfy pleasure for many years.

These rugs are truly a limited edition product: we cannot offer them every year, but only when the males we send to the abattoir have fleeces worth processing. Below are pictures of rugs we have previously sold – check this page again, or contact us to join the ‘early alert’ mailings, to be the first to learn when the next batch is available.

Rugs weigh +/- 3lbs.


[SOLD] A deep chocolate brown with hints of charcoal. 40” x 23”
[SOLD] Dark charcoal with lighter grey shading. 40” x 23”
Deep brown/black with hints of grey and brown. Very fluffy. 42” x 24”
True black with brown touches. 39” x 26”
Charcoal black with grey touches. 38” x 24”
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