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Live animal sales

We are now taking inquiries for sales of breeding rams all born in 2018. We are sold out of our available stock of ewe lambs and gimmers.

Those of our animals with HSS registered parents have been registered themselves, and will be HSS tagged before leaving the farm. All our non-registered sheep have either a registered dam or sire, and all of our sheep will have the Hirsel pedigree: genealogy and health records are available, and in most cases, sires and dams will be available for viewing. They are regularly treated per our vet-recommended health plan, are all on the HeptavacP system, and we give them regular check-ups for foot care and other health factors.

Our Hebs are bucket trained, are used to human contact, with a few well suited as pets. Some will be a little more feral, and better suited to low human-contact life than others. We can advise you as to which one(s) will suit your style of herding best.

We are happy to discuss your needs, and can put together a collection which suits you. If this will be a ‘starter flock’ for you, we will be happy to stay in touch for support and advice during your first year(s), if you like. We sell our live sheep only for breeders, grazers or pets, not for your freezer. If you are looking for Hebridean meat, please see below.

Important: You must have a CPH number to purchase any of our animals. For animal welfare reasons, we will not sell single rams unless they will have the companionship of other sheep on your farm, all year round. Sheep are social animals and do not thrive on their own. If you do not have a companion for your ram, talk to us: we can give you a deal on a pair of animals that get on well together. Ewes of any age are sold in pairs or groups.


Slipperfield Donald, sire to many of our best lambs.

Slipperfield Donald, sire to many of our best lambs.

Hebridean Hogget

We have sold out of the early batch of 2019 Hebridean Hogget.   We will have additional supplies in mid November. Contact us if you’d like to join our ‘early alert’ mailing list for future sales.
This year, we are happy to report that a limited amount of hogget cuts will be available at our local butcher: Swordale Farm Butchers, in Bonar Bridge. They share our company ethos of serving our local community high quality products from local sources, making them perfect partners for the Hirsel. Visit their shop or website for more information.

Photo by Swordale Farm Butchers, Bonar Bridge, United Kingdom, IV24 3EA, 01863 766343

There are many reasons to choose Hebridean hogget (18 month old lamb) or mutton (sheep over 2 years old): slow grown on natural mixed grazing, the breed itself is leaner, healthier, and more flavorful than many breeds. As it’s not mass-marketed, provenance is easy to establish – some of our customers can even see their future dinner on the hoof, so to speak! And while getting that well acquainted with your dinner while it’s still grazing isn’t to everyone’s taste, knowing where your food comes from, and how short a distance it’s traveled “from gate to plate” is a legitimate concern for many shoppers today. If you purchase the Hirsel’s hogget, you’ll also know that the animal you buy has been given excellent care and much affection during its entire journey from the womb to the abattoir.

At the Hirsel, we’re careful to only grow our flock to levels sustainable on our small Highland farm, so our animals have plenty of ranging area, grazing on grass and other pesticide/herbicide free greenery during the majority of their lives, with their diet only needing supplemented in the harsh days of winter, and then mostly from home-grown hay and tree fodder. Or during the last trimester of pregnancy, when the ewes appreciate an extra boost. And the close relationship we have with all our animals means you can be sure that when it’s time for them to go to the butcher, it will be handled as humanely as possible – we do not sell sheep intended for the butcher at auction – they go straight from the Hirsel to the abattoir, assuring the minimum of stress in their last days, and the minimum of travel for your food.

Read more on the Hebridean Sheep Society website about why you should choose Hebridean over other breeds of sheep for your table.

Sheepskin Rugs 

Our limited edition rugs are processed for us by Skyeskyns; you can read all about their process here.  Our 2018 rugs are now available, and pictures will be posted shortly. Follow us on Facebook to be the first alerted when those pictures are available.

Photo: Elizabeth Banks

Also: In the coming months, we hope to be able to offer limited numbers of ‘vegetarian’ rugs: made from the whole fleece of one or more sheep, the rug is felted and/or lined on the back side, and the best thing is: no sheep is harmed in the making of these rugs! Stay tuned for updates about this new Hirsel project.


With its high lanolin content and thick fibres, Hebridean fleece is known for for its weather resistant qualities, and is becoming highly prized by hand crafters too. While the breed is normally known for coming in shades of black and grey, The Hirsel’s flock has several latte-coloured ewes, as well as a few sheep that run towards red tints. We even have a ewe that gives us white lambs!


Hirsel Berta, modeling a nice example of the lovely shades in our fleece collection.[/caption]

We are now sorting and cleaning the 2018 fleeces, and will soon have some available for sale. Check back soon for information and pictures of our 2018 batch, or email (subject: fleeces), or follow us on Facebook to be one of the first to hear when our 2018 batch becomes available.


All of our produce is grown organically in all but name, as we have not filed for certification. Pest and weed control, as well as fertilization, are all done using only methods accepted by the organic community. You get healthy, sustainably grown food, at affordable prices. Contact us to find local sources for our produce, or to arrange a visit to the farm to buy direct.

Our 2018 Caras. Beautiful…and tasty!