Farm Shop

At the Hirsel, we do all we can to give our animals the best lives possible. Then when they must leave us, we try to sell as many live – for breeding, conservation efforts, or pets – as we can. When we take their lives to help feed our community, we waste as little as we can – turning our sheep’s horns and skins into marketable products too, whenever possible. What wool we do not sell, or use for in-house crafting, gets used in the garden. Selling our animals, their by-products, and any crops we can, helps support those animals we keep on the farm for their entire lives. And every time you buy a Hirsel product, or attend a Hirsel Farm Visit or Workshop, you are supporting our efforts to regenerate our family farm, and helping us offer our resident livestock and wildlife, their best lives possible.

Workshops and Farm Visits
Live sales, Hebridean Sheep
Live sales, Gloucester Old Spot Pigs
Meat sales: Hebridean Hogget & Mutton / Gloucester Old Spot Pork (coming in 2020)
Limited edition Sheepskin Rugs
Limited edition ‘vegetarian’ rugs (coming in 2020)
Tatties and other stuff (soon)

510466-00001 (Hirsel Aramis), our firstborn, and our non-pedigree working tup. Dam: Beauty / Sire unknown (Burnside Croft) [Working tup, not for sale]