Breeding Rams, Ewes, and Lambs for sale and rent

Bring a Hirsel Hebridean into your flock, and help support this amazing breed!

Book an appointment for our 2021 on-farm sale of rams:
25 September 1PM – 5PM
Contact Donna at

Ram lambs and shearlings, HSS registered and unregistered. All on the HeptavacP system, wormed, and with medical and genealogical records available. For detailed information and prices, visit THIS page.

Rental rams will also be available this year. We will list them once we know which ones we’ll use, and which ones will be looking for off-farm work. In a few instances, we would be willing to rent a ‘sale’ ram that doesn’t find a permanent home. Please contact us for further information.

Sorry, all our available females have been spoken for. Let us know if you’d like to be put on the waiting list for 2022 ewe lambs.

Our Working Rams (“Tups“)

These boys deliver big beautiful ewe and ram lambs for our future breeding program – and yours.

528516-00001 (Cairnnorrie Aidan)/ b. 12.04.2015 / S: Slipperfield Donald / D: Bryland Elephant / Weight: 80+kg
510466-00001 (Hirsel Aramis), our firstborn, and our non-pedigree working tup. Dam: Beauty / Sire unknown (both from Burnside Croft)
Slipperfield Donald, sire to Cairnnorrie Aidan and many of our HSS registered animals. Note: this ram passed away early in 2020. But his line is still active on the Hirsel, so we keep him on this page for reference…and to honor his contribution to our breeding success.
Hirsel Bowen Autumn 2019, a veteran of our rental program. This year, Bowen will stay home to serve as ‘uncle’ to our 2021 ram lambs.

Please note:
* You must have a CPH number to purchase or rent/trade one of our animals.
* The health regime for our flock was created after consultation with our vet. All of our sheep are on the HeptavacP system (boosters given in March), the flock are given regular tick treatments during the summer months, and any other treatments are given per vet testing and advice. Health histories and notes re specific animals are available on request. Animals are sent off the farm ‘as is’, in the best health we can give them. We expect normal wear and tear on our rental rams, but will ask you to place a deposit pending live return.
*For animal welfare reasons, we recommend you do not purchase single rams, unless they will have the companionship of other sheep on your farm, all year round. Sheep are social animals and do not thrive on their own. If you do not have a companion for your ram, talk to us: we can give you a deal on a pair of animals that get on well together, or arrange a rental instead. Ewes of any age are only sold in pairs or groups.
* Please let us know if you will be wanting to take your purchase home with you on the day of the sale. If not, upon receipt of a deposit, we will be happy to care for your animal until a mutually agreed pickup date.
*Prices will vary according to registration status, age, and quality of the animal. A minimum (tba) will be set per animal, and best offer/future will purchase.
* We will have hand sanitizer available, and ask that you bring a mask in case close contact while assessing an animal is necessary.
* All available ewes and ewe lambs have currently been spoken for. Let us know if you’d like to be on the waiting list for 2022 ewes or ewe lambs.

Past sales:

Our 2020 sale Rams and Shearlings

These animals were born in 2018 – 2020, and were available for sale: £50-£75.

Coming to the call of the bucket


Our first sale of a starter flock, summer 2019, getting along well with their new humans.

…started with a bang: our first ‘starter flock’ of 4 gimmers and 12 ewe lambs went to Tohorrie farm in Dunbeath on September 12th, and our other 4 available gimmers moved to their new home in time for tupping 2019. We also sold 3 breeding rams at Dingwall Auction Mart in November 2019. While we still have a pair of breeding rams available, we are now sold out of the currently available ewe lambs and gimmers. However, we expect to have more ram and ewe lambs on offer in September 2020.

2019 Rams

Hirsel Cassanova (HSS 0977/18), from Sire Slipperfield Donald (HSS 1548/15) and dam Bryland Eliza (HSS 0252/13), was born in April 2018, and weighed 37.k on 30 October 2019. Like most of our sheep, he was bucket trained and used to human contact, liking a sheep nut or a scratch now and then. But he’s also lively and independently minded, and will do well in a traditional large flock. Cassanova was sold at Dingwall Auction Mart in November 2019

Ram #86 is the progeny of Cairnorrie Aidan (HSS 1548/15) and Hirsel Brownie, one of the most dependable breeding ewes from our ‘traditional’ flock. He weighed in at 37.5k on 30 October 2019, and his big, rangy frame indicates he’ll follow in his sire’s footsteps for size and build. He’s friendly and placid during treatment, but not dependent, and will fit well into any style flock. This ram was sold at Dingwall in November 2019.

Ram #70 is the son of Slipperfield Donald (HSS2186/13) and Hirsel Hookie (from our traditional flock). A smaller ram, he was initially assigned to the abattoir list, but won through to the sales team upon his second assessment, due to his lively nature and good condition. His adult teeth are coming in strong and straight, his horns are nicely formed, and his feet are good. He weighed 36K on 30 October, but his long term growth potential is positive, as his parents tend to produce large progeny. This ram was sold at Dingwall Mart in November 2019.

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