Harvest time

It’s an abundant time of year… though our veggie field started offering additions to our menu many weeks ago, all of our meat items have been taken out of the freezer. But in another week, we’ll be able to feed our family – and yours – with fresh 2022 Hebridean Mutton. Another two weeks after that, we’ll have Hebridean Hogget on offer. The Hirsel is now taking orders for our 2022 batch of Hebridean Hogget and Mutton boxes.

Homegrown and locally processed at Macbeth’s in Forres.

There are many reasons to choose Hebridean hogget (less than two years old) or mutton (over 2 years old): slow grown on grass and native brush, supplemented with hay and tree fodder in the winter, the breed itself is leaner, healthier, and more flavourful than many commercial breeds. Additionally, with the increasing awareness of how our food choices affect our planet, you can be sure that, by choosing to purchase Hebridean meat raised on a Nature-Friendly farm such as The Hirsel, and having it processed locally in the Highlands, you are doing your part to shop ethically and sustainably.

Hebrideans are smaller than commercial sheep, but punch above their weight in the flavour department: A half box is approximately 7+kg (20 servings), and costs £75.00; a whole box is approximately 14kg (40 servings), and costs £145.00. A general selection will include: Shoulder(s) (boned and rolled), Leg(s) (whole on the bone), Loin chops, and Racks. (A la carte orders will be available once box orders have been filled.)

With the cost-of-living crisis affecting all of us, from growers through processers to customers, The Hirsel has decided to keep our prices at 2021 levels. It’s important to us that our community continues to be able to afford to serve locally produced, healthy food to their families.

Please specify whether you’re ordering Hogget or Mutton when you reserve your box.

Other products, such as burgers, sausages and mince, are sometimes available at additional cost, but must be requested as part of the ordering process for your half or whole box.

Fresh (unfrozen) delivery is available direct from the butcher, at cost (£14.50 per box), if arranged in time. Other fresh orders can be picked up from the farm gate within a day of arrival here from the butcher. The meat will then go into the freezer, and once frozen, will be available for farmgate sales. Talk to us about your preferred option – we can always work something out!

For more information, or to order your delicious and healthy Hebridean mutton or hogget, contact Donna: info@thehirsel.com

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