Harvest time

It’s an abundant time of year… though our veggie field started offering additions to our menu many weeks ago, all of our meat items have been taken out of the freezer. But in another week, we’ll be able to feed our family – and yours – with fresh 2022 Hebridean Mutton. Another two weeks afterContinue reading “Harvest time”

Lost Lamb

Normally, walking through our eastern woodland calms me, brings up almost uncontainable waves of gratitude. The woodlands surrounding and weaving through our farm are ancient, noted down on the earliest maps we can find of the area, and walking through them feels like connecting to something deep and rich. The patch I’m walking through isContinue reading “Lost Lamb”

Food Poverty…

…and why we’ve gone political. The following was inspired by yet another politician lecturing the poor on the dietary choices…and some fellow farmers jumping on that bandwagon. As farmers ourselves, we understand the desire for folk to choose our food. But they have to be able to, don’t they? This is one of the thingsContinue reading “Food Poverty…”

Farming & politics. Do they mix?

For years as a freelance artist and arts manager, I told myself that I needed to keep politics out of my business. But it was a lie I told myself: as a young actor, I had a hard time auditioning for jobs that included selling the new brand of toothpaste to people who hoped itContinue reading “Farming & politics. Do they mix?”

Regenerative Farming

First published in the Kyle Chronicle, Winter 2020/2021 edition Farmers who use regenerative agriculture techniques accept that wildlife will share some of our harvest with us UK farming has been in the news a lot lately. The combination of Brexit, Covid-19 and climate change has made many people rethink their food choices and sources. DuringContinue reading “Regenerative Farming”